Quick Start to SQS

Introduction Queues are a powerful way of combining software architecture. They allow for asynchronous communication between different systems. and are especially useful when the throughput of the systems is unequal.   Amazon offers their version of queues with Amazon SQS (Simple Queue Service). When dealing with cloud-based infrastructure, it’s hard to pass by Amazon AWS. If

How to upload file to s3 using Curl

The below script is very helpful to upload files via curl to s3 bucket, any suggestions are welcome   #!/bin/sh usage() { cat <<USAGE Simple script uploading a file to S3. Supports AWS signature version 4, custom region, permissions and mime-types. Uses Content-MD5 header to guarantee uncorrupted file transfer. Usage: `basename $0` aws_ak aws_sk bucket

AWS re:invent Workshops

We would like to share some of the workshops we attended during the  AWS re:invent 2019, they are a very useful hands-on and can get you some very cool ideas on how to empower some AWS services Streaming Analytics Workshop: In this workshop, you will build an end-to-end streaming architecture to ingest, analyze, and visualize

Microservices VS. Serverless

Introduction: In this article, we will demonstrate the difference between microservices VS Serverless architectures.  Recently, microservices and serverless architectures are becoming more and more popular. since they are helping enterprises to keep the increasing demands of scaling, reliability, and availability, and once you get to know each technology you will realize how important to have

AWS Fargate for Kubernetes (EKS)

Background: Docker has introduced a revolutionary in the way applications are built, shipped, and deployed. In order to manage your Docker containers, you do need an orchestration tool. Container orchestration is needed when you’re running an application on a large scale to handle issues such as availability, security, scalability, fault-tolerance, flexibility, AWS Fargate for Kubernetes

AWS Well-Architected Framework

Definition: AWS Well-Architected Framework provides a consistent set of best practices for customers and partners to evaluate architectures. and provides a set of questions you can use to evaluate how well architecture is aligned to AWS best practices.   The Five Pillars: The AWS Well-Architected Framework is based on five pillars — operational excellence, security,

AWS Outposts is now Available
AWS Outposts is now available

Introduction: Many customers who need local processing and very low latency. in addition they no longer need to spend time creating detailed hardware specifications, soliciting & managing bids from multiple disparate vendors, or racking & stacking individual servers, this is now achievable by using aws outposts. What is AWS Outposts? Its a new fully managed

How to Implement Jenkins Automation on AWS

Introduction: In this article, we are going to talk about Jenkins on AWS using best practices and recommendations to achieve best performance and high availability. Continuous Integration (CI) : Continuous integration is a software development practice in which developers regularly merge their code changes into a central repository, after which automated builds and tests are

RDS Replication
How to Configure Replication between Aurora and Re...

Introduction: In some cases, you require to create a replication between an AWS and non-AWS environments, suppose you need to have a read-only version of your database to reduce the latency, or for creating a disaster recovery storage. in such a situation, the best way to make sure you have up to date version of

AWS Auto Scaling
10 Things to consider when building an Auto Scalin...

Introduction: AWS Auto Scaling is one of the most powerful features and reasons to move your applications to the cloud, as it helps you in building resilient architecture and reduce the cost of maintaining infrastructure with the highest capacity needed. However, there are a few items to consider when building an auto-scaling architecture, to ensure

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