Deploy a Docker-ized Laravel Application to AWS EC...

This article was originally published on The AWS of Things Containers have gradually become a wide-spread and widely accepted technology. They are a standard unit of software that encapsulates your code, together with the dependencies required to make them function. With containers, you can be certain your system will function in similar manner even in

What’s New in AWS CLI v2

Introduction: AWS CLI v2 released on Deb 2020 and includes a number of features and enhancements. Features: New installation mechanisms: AWS CLI v2 has pre-built binaries for Windows, Linux, and macOS. You don’t need to have Python installed in order to use the AWS CLI. neither worrying about compatibility with Python versions, virtual environments, or

Automation and Batch Processing with AWS Batch

Introduction batch workloads are common in any large scale applications, due to the huge data and long processing to some of the activities, the compromise between processing time and the cost is always the challenge, especially when your processing time is not constant across the day and you need a lot of resources for a

AWS Managed Services Partner
AWS PS Managed Services Partner

Introduction: AWS Managed Services Partner is an area that has seen substantial changes in the last few years, thanks to the growing popularity of cloud services. This area is served by what the industry Managed Service Providers, and this group’s role and business model is rapidly evolving. This post explores a few things your enterprise

Best Cloud Translation Services

Background: Translation services have been requested a lot recently, whether for legal services, educational purposes, or even helping content websites to span their articles to other languages, in this article we will demonstrate some of the cloud available services that offer smart, accurate translation of content.   Amazon Translate: Whether your organization is a multinational

Get Started with Scopify for Website Monitoring

Introduction Have you suffered from website outages without knowing and you didn’t realize until you saw a drop on your orders? did your website SSL certificate expire without noticing and caused the website to show SSL error on your website? with avoid any downtime surprises and SSL issues by implementing smart website monitoring. What

How to Connect to S3 Bucket using SFTP

Introduction: One of the challenges companies found when moving to the cloud is data migration, especially when you’re dealing with a huge amount of legacy data, S3 is cloud favorite tool to store such data, however, you can not connect into using SFTP, or SCP as each has its own different protocol for data transfer.

In five minutes, Microsoft lost $ 17 billion

Microsoft Corporation lost an estimated $ 17 billion in market value just five minutes after a court order to suspend a massive contract with the US Department of Defense (Pentagon) issued Thursday. The court order was issued after Amazon e-marketing claimed in a lawsuit that President Donald Trump was biased against its owner Jeff Bezos,

AWS Professional Services
AWS Professional Services

Introduction: The AWS Professional Services program by AWS PS specialized team of experts that can help you realize your desired business outcomes when using the AWS Cloud. We work together with your team to execute your enterprise cloud computing initiatives. Achieving the well AWS Well-Architected Framework requires a lot of experience since there are hundreds

How to Host Static Websites with S3

Introduction: This article will demonstrate how to use S3 for static website hosting. A static website delivers content in the same format in which it is stored. No server-side code execution is required. For example, if a static website consists of HTML documents displaying images, it delivers the HTML and images as-is to the browser,

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