AWS Managed Services Partner
AWS PS Managed Services Partner

Introduction: AWS Managed Services Partner is an area that has seen substantial changes in the last few years, thanks to the growing popularity of cloud services. This area is served by what the industry Managed Service Providers, and this group’s role and business model is rapidly evolving. This post explores a few things your enterprise

Get Started with Scopify for Website Monitoring

Introduction Have you suffered from website outages without knowing and you didn’t realize until you saw a drop on your orders? did your website SSL certificate expire without noticing and caused the website to show SSL error on your website? with avoid any downtime surprises and SSL issues by implementing smart website monitoring. What

How to Achieve HIPPA Compliant AWS Architecture

Introduction AWS HIPPA Compliance is a very common topic these days, HIPAA was expanded in 2009 by the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act. HIPAA and HITECH establish a set of federal standards intended to protect the security and privacy of PHI. HIPAA and HITECH impose requirements related to the use

AWS re:invent Workshops

We would like to share some of the workshops we attended during the  AWS re:invent 2019, they are a very useful hands-on and can get you some very cool ideas on how to empower some AWS services Streaming Analytics Workshop: In this workshop, you will build an end-to-end streaming architecture to ingest, analyze, and visualize

How to Manage Application Sessions on Multi-Server...

Introduction One of the common issues we ran into when running an application on a multi-server environment is how to manage sessions. especially an AWS auto-scaling architecture. In this article, we’re going to discuss some approaches we used in our manage environments to overcome such issues. Load Balancer Session Stickness:   AWS application load balancer

How to Mount S3 Bucket as File System

Background: S3 the AWS service for object storage, it’s not using POSIX protocol and hence we can’t mount it directly, however, there are some open-source tools that help in mounting your S3 bucket as a standard file system. Why Mounting S3 as File System? in many cases, you may have an application that has no

What’s AWS Managed Services

Background: AWS is now the leading global cloud services provider with more than 14 regions across the world, companies no matter the size of their infrastructure is moving towards using the cloud services for many reasons, however, the majority have no team or individuals with enough experience to manage these cloud environments, for this reason,

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