Have you suffered from website outages without knowing and you didn’t realize until you saw a drop on your orders?

did your website SSL certificate expire without noticing and caused the website to show SSL error on your website?

with avoid any downtime surprises and SSL issues by implementing smart website monitoring.

What is Scopify Website Monitoring is an advanced platform where you can monitor your web applications and websites and get notified for any outages quickly and seamlessly.

It’s a Free tool and won’t take more than 2 mins to register to start monitoring your website, it supports SMS, email, and Slack notifications, also it warns you about SSL expiry warnings so you can proactively renew it!.


Get Started:

you can subscribe to scopify by visiting the website and register and add up to 3 websites for the free plan.


Scopify is Managed by AWS PS. the Best AWS Managed Services in the mena region.


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