AWS CLI v2 released on Deb 2020 and includes a number of features and enhancements.


  1. New installation mechanisms:

AWS CLI v2 has pre-built binaries for Windows, Linux, and macOS. You don’t need to have Python installed in order to use the AWS CLI. neither worrying about compatibility with Python versions, virtual environments, or conflicting python packages. On Windows, there is an MSI installer and pkg on macOS. check the installation instructions for more information on installing AWS CLI v2.

       2. New Configuration mechanisms:

AWS CLI v2 has some new mechanisms for configuring credentials. for example you can import credentials from the .csv files generated in the AWS Console.

$ aws configure import --csv file://path/to/creds.csv

or Use Configuration Wizard for steps through setup

aws configure wizard

In addition, aws CLI v2 support single sign-on setup:

aws configure sso
SSO start URL [None]:
SSO Region [None]: us-west-2
Attempting to automatically open the SSO authorization page in your default
browser. If the browser does not open or you wish to use a different device to
authorize this request, open the following URL:

       3. Interactivity:

this is probably the nicest feature where we struggled to save commands, however, now the auto-completion feature helps you in remembering the commands

$ complete -C aws_completer aws
$ aws cloud<TAB>
cloud9             cloudformation     cloudhsm           cloudsearch        cloudtrail
clouddirectory     cloudfront         cloudhsmv2         cloudsearchdomain  cloudwatch

also the auto-prompt feature helps you not to remember the command arguments, however, it will start prompting you with variables to be able to run a command


Backward Compatibility:

While AWS CLI v2 is mostly backward compatible with AWS CLI v1, there are some backward-incompatible changes that are listed in our AWS CLI v2 migration guide. Our user guide has more information on using the AWS CLI.


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