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AWS Managed Services Partner is an area that has seen substantial changes in the last few years, thanks to the growing popularity of cloud services. This area is served by what the industry Managed Service Providers, and this group’s role and business model is rapidly evolving. This post explores a few things your enterprise may want to consider in light of this shift.

What is AWS Managed Services Partner?

AWS PS  follows IT Service management best practices, and standard features include patch management, backup, monitoring, security, and operational process for the incident, change, and problem management.

Our managed services program offers next-generation cloud managed services capabilities around application migration, DevOps, CI/CD, security, as well as cloud and application management. we have many years of experience in providing full lifecycle migration, integration, cloud management, application management, and application development. In addition to targeting Enterprises,

AWS PS Consulting Partners Program

A key to the integration and deployment of AWS PS, AWS Consulting Partners enable Enterprises to migrate their existing applications to AWS and integrate their on-premises management tools with their cloud deployments. As Consulting Partners, we will also be instrumental in building and managing cloud-based applications for customers running on the infrastructure stacks managed by AWS PS. Onboarding to AWS managed services typically requires 8-10 weeks of design/strategy, system/process integration, and initial app migration, all of which can be performed by our qualified AWS gurus. In order to participate.

Keep it Simple: Engage with us from Point A to Z

as Consulting Partners AWS PS team highly skilled at providing full lifecycle solutions to customers.

To become a member of the AWS MSP Partner Program, we’ve proven to offer robust services and tools to support each stage of the cloud adoption journey: Plan & Design > Build & Migrate > Run & Operate > Optimize.

With deep expertise in AWS, we are uniquely positioned to help you achieve your business objectives. Having these capabilities enables enterprise customers to focus their efforts and dive deep with one provider, rather than having to engage multiple providers at different steps of the journey.


Optimization: Transform Your Workloads & Save Money

When you entrust an AWS MSP Partner to manage your footprint, they aren’t simply keeping the lights on. They are consistently monitoring performance, usage, and patterns to identify opportunities to save you money, increase performance, and take advantage of new tooling as it’s released.

For example, a next-gen AWS MSP uses cost management tools to identify areas in which your company may be able to save money by taking advantage of Amazon EC2 Reserved Instances (RIs), or times of day when you may not need to have particular instance types turned on, such as test/dev instances.

AWS MSP Partners have recurring meetings with customers to review detailed usage and performance reports, and proactively offer and propose cost optimization strategies to help you save money and improve performance.


Just as with the AWS Managed Services Program, working with  AWS PS as partners can give you the confidence that you’re working with a partner who understands how to implement continuous integration, automation, and other DevOps-centric tools offered by AWS. ready to talk? contact us



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