The internet is an excellent resource for well-intentioned guidance and answers. However, it can sometimes be hard to tell if what you’re reading is, in fact, advice you should follow. Also, some users have a preference toward using a single, trusted online community rather than the open internet to provide them with reliable, vetted, and up-to-date answers to their questions.

Today, I’m happy to announce AWS re:Post, a new, question and answer (Q&A) service, part of the AWS Free Tier, that is driven by the community of AWS customers, partners, and employees. AWS re:Post is an AWS-managed Q&A service offering crowd-sourced, expert-reviewed answers to your technical questions about AWS that replaces the original AWS Forums. Community members can earn reputation points to build up their community expert status by providing accepted answers and reviewing answers from other users, helping to continually expand the availability of public knowledge across all AWS services.

AWS re:Post home page

You’ll find AWS re:Post to be an ideal resource when:

  • You are building an application using AWS, and you have a technical question about an AWS service or best practices.
  • You are learning about AWS or preparing for an AWS certification, and you have a question on an AWS service.
  • Your team is debating issues related to design, development, deployment, or operations on AWS.
  • You’d like to share your AWS expertise with the community and build a reputation as a community expert.

Example of a question and answer in AWS re:Post

There is no requirement to sign in to AWS re:Post to browse the content. For users who do choose to sign in, using their AWS account, there is the opportunity to create a profile, post questions and answers, and interact with the community. Profiles enable users to link their AWS certifications through Credly and to indicate interests in specific AWS technology domains, services, and experts. AWS re:Post automatically shares new questions with these community experts based on their areas of expertise, improving the accuracy of responses as well as encouraging responses for unanswered questions. An opt-in email is also available to receive email notifications to help users stay informed.

User profile in the re:Post community

Over the last four years, AWS re:Post has been used internally by AWS employees helping customers with their cloud journeys. Today, that same trusted technical guidance becomes available to the entire AWS community. Additionally, all active users from the previous AWS Forums have been migrated onto AWS re:Post, as well as the most-viewed content.

Questions from AWS Premium Support customers that do not receive a response from the community are passed on to AWS Support engineers. If the question is related to a customer-specific workload, AWS support will open a support case to take the conversation into a private setting. Note, however, that AWS re:Post is not intended to be used for questions that are time-sensitive or involve any proprietary information, such as customer account details, personally identifiable information, or AWS account resource data.

AWS Support Engineer presence on re:Post

Have Questions? Need Answers? Try AWS re:Post Today
If you have a technical question about an AWS service or product or are eager to get started on your journey to becoming a recognized community expert, I invite you to get started with AWS re:Post today!


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