How to Implement Jenkins Automation on AWS

Introduction: In this article, we are going to talk about Jenkins on AWS using best practices and recommendations to achieve best performance and high availability. Continuous Integration (CI) : Continuous integration is a software development practice in which developers regularly merge their code changes into a central repository, after which automated builds and tests are

AWS Auto Scaling
10 Things to consider when building an Auto Scalin...

Introduction: AWS Auto Scaling is one of the most powerful features and reasons to move your applications to the cloud, as it helps you in building resilient architecture and reduce the cost of maintaining infrastructure with the highest capacity needed. However, there are a few items to consider when building an auto-scaling architecture, to ensure

AWS First Region in the Middle East

Introduction Despite the fact, the AWS ha regions over all the world, however, the Middle East region was lacking any, and we had in most of the cases to host our clients under Frankfurt or Singapore regions, which is still not serving the minimum latency as having local hosting.   AWS Bahrain The first AWS

How to Secure Your Website with AWS

Introduction: Security is now one of the core topics any architect or DevOps take into consideration when designing and building a web hosting environment, with internet expansion, it’s becoming very normal to receive DDOS attacks for different goals, like attempting of stealing your website data, or using your environment like a basement for attacking other

How to Integrate Aurora Multi Master in your Larav...

Background Implementing Multi Writer Replication has always been a challenge, before AWS we tried many tools and configurations to support multiple masters and slaves, however, we end update two to 3 days after that replication has crashed and data is becoming inconsistent. Introduction: Amazon Aurora is one of the nicest features AWS has, it has

Introducing AWS Flywheel

Introduction It’s time to get more value from your data. The key? A new business framework we call the Data Flywheel. How can you build your Data Flywheel? Move data and workloads to the cloud, scale storage with data lakes, leverage purpose-built databases and build data-driven applications, analyze all of your data, and innovate with

What’s AWS Managed Services

Background: AWS is now the leading global cloud services provider with more than 14 regions across the world, companies no matter the size of their infrastructure is moving towards using the cloud services for many reasons, however, the majority have no team or individuals with enough experience to manage these cloud environments, for this reason,

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